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 Vehicle Rental Services

1959 Cadillac Car Rental
1959 Cadillac Car Rental
1959 Cadillac Car Rental

Photographer : @mountaintimephotography

Welcome to the Vehicle Rental Service information page. These services are independent from lodging at On Broadway Chico, but can be included as an 'add on' experience during your stay. Our vehicle services are not exclusive to guests, as we offer these services to outside parties.

Have an event you would like to be chauffeured to in style? Do you dream of having a Getaway Car on your special day? Want to be cruised around town after a ceremonious celebration?

Below you will find our Three Base Options for vehicle services. Combine, mix and match our Base Options to customize a vehicle package best suited to your itinerary. Our services apply to available vehicles at the time of inquiry. Contact us here to discuss how these options can best serve you.

Pricing varies based on the package you create through the Three Base Options, and the location where the car rental is needed. Getaway Car Designs can be accommodated for an additional fee at time of inquiry.

 Three Base Options



Chauffeur To Event

Enjoy the ride as our driver chauffeurs you and your party to your event location.


Chauffeur From Event &

"Get Away Cars"

Enjoy the ride as our driver chauffeurs you and your party away from your event location.

Get Away Cars for weddings are available after the reception, or after the celebration depending on your wedding details.


Leave Vehicle At Event 

This option can be used for photography opportunities, or non-driving rental purposes. 

Choose Your Vehicle 

Look through our photo gallery below to select a vehicle to rent

*Based on availability, inquire at

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