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Welcome to the History page for On Broadway Chico. This estate has rich history through various ownerships and remodels since establishment in 1904.


The main house on 1384 Broadway St, was built for Frederick Clough, the first manager of Diamond Match Company in 1904. Clough lived with his family in the home until August 1910, when he resigned from Diamond Match due to health concerns.


Diamond Match company purchased the home that same year and housed managers of their company until 1921.

These managers of the company were:

Vernon Wooley (Regina) from 1911-1917 

Lucius A. Clinton (Rose E.) from 1918-1919

 James A. Powers (Mary) from 1920-1921

In 1921, Edward T. Williamson purchased the home.

In 1922, an extensive remodel of the home was done, with Julia Morgan as the architect.

The Williamsons lived in the home from 1922-1966.

Between 1966-1971 there were four short time owners.

During this time it was advertised as a Boarding Home that charged $100 a month.

A Fraternity from Chico State also used the house. Upstairs bathrooms were remodeled with multiple sinks and urinals. 

The Lash family owned the property and lived in the home from 1971-2016.

In 2016, Frank and Kasia Lewis bought the property and extensively restored it for three years. They are the current owners of the property. 

Julia Morgan
Julia Morgan


Julia Morgan did an extensive remodel of the home in 1922 for Edward T. Williamson, this included adding the Conservatory, the present day Sky Suite, the Fireplace mantel in the Ballroom, and more. To preserve her legacy and beautiful additions, Frank and Kasia Lewis honored all of Morgan's original designs since restoring the home from 2016-2019. 


Julia Morgan was a world renowned female architect who designed more than 700 buildings in California. She was the first woman admitted entrance to Beaux-Arts De Paris, the most prestigious architectural school in the world at the time. In 1904, Morgan became the first woman to obtain her architect license in California.

Morgan is famously known for her work done at Hearst Castle in San Simeon, CA for client William Randolph Hearst. She was selected by Hearst in 1919 as the architect for Hearst Castle (La Cuesta Encantada). This project was her most elaborate, complex, and largest project of her career. The estate was renovated for 25 years, and ended construction in 1947, due to William R. Hearst's declining health. 

Julia Morgan became William R. Hearst's main architect, and she produced designs for several more buildings. Her projects include YMCA buildings, contributions to Mills College in Oakland, the Heritage on the Marina in San Francisco and more. A majority of Morgan's architectural portfolio resides in San Francisco, and the Bay Area. 

1384 Broadway St. was not the only home Morgan has contributed to in Chico, CA. At 341 Mansion Ave, Julia Morgan designed the home built for Daniel Moulton in 1922. This building was formerly CSU-Chico President's Mansion, now know as Albert Warren Reception Center. The home located at 630 W. 5th St was remodeled by Morgan for A. G. Eames. The home now belongs to Theta Chi Fraternity, and the date of her remodel is unknown. 



Julia Morgan

Julia Morgan (1926)

Julia Morgan
Julia Morgan
Julia Morgan

**The Lewis's retrieved Julia Morgan's original drawings from 

Special Collections and Archives, California Polytechnic State University, as they are the owners of her original architectural designs.   


**Cite: Wikipedia - Julia Morgan

** Information From The Chico Heritage Association

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